Most of all, needed compact, easy-to-use equipment that would deliver outstanding washing performance.

Elke Nekes, Laundry Manager
Carolinenhohe - Ingelhelm, Germany

Care Homes: total hygiene control

Total hygiene control in laundry processes is of paramount importance in elderly care facilities

  • More than 500 barrier washer installations every year
  • Made-to-measure hygiene laundry solutions for your individual needs
  • Maximum control and traceability in all laundry processes
  • Full compliance with the strictest hygiene standards
  • Delicate on the delicates with lagoon®, the first wet-cleaning system approved by The Woolmark® Company

Jo Watson, head housekeeper at Belong Warrington

“The best thing about the equipment is how easy it is to use. Although the technology driving each process is very advanced, the interface is simple as a cycle can be started with the push of just a couple of buttons”.

Bedlinen, towels, serviettes and clothing require special cleaning solutions that eradicate the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

Laundry Linen Flow

Provide your residents with best-in-class comfort, safety and the highest hygiene levels while maintaining full cost control.

the professional kitchen flow

Kitchen Flow Food

Hospitals wards are often a long way from the kitchen, which adds to the logistical burden and increases the risk of delays between production, service, delivery and consumption.

Solutions for Care Homes

Carolinenhohe, Germany

100 residents

The installation includes:

  • 2 WB4130H Barrier Washerwith 13 kg capacity
  • 2 T4300LE Heat Pump Dryers with 13 kg capacity
  • 1 FIT3 Ironing Table

Trifoglio, Italy

200 beds

The installation includes:

  • pantry for storing both perishable and
    non-perishable goods,
  • processing area for vegetables,
    cold dishes and meats,
  • cooking area, including trolley parking
    utensil and dish washing area.
new Hyvolution Barrier

Fondazione San Rocco, Italy

50 beds

The installations includes:

  • 2 W5105H Barrier Washer
  • 1 T5250 Tumble Dryers

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Kingfisher Court meets the highest hygiene standards

Hertfordshire, UK

“We knew what type of laundry we were aiming for and Electrolux Professional fitted our specific criteria. Our barrier laundry is our most important feature and provides complete cleanliness and also peace of mind for our staff“.

Lisa  Wellings, Project Manager

Trifoglio, the most modern care home in Italy

Turin, Italy

Each area has been equipped with dedicated solutions that take into account the needs of the home, its guests and also those who use the equipment.

Danilo Garri, Executive Chef

DPS Syrena gets their laundry under control

Warsaw, Poland

“A few years ago, I started to renovate the care institution. My goal was to have a warm and accommodating place for our guests, in a modern environment”.

Ms. Malgorzata Slomian, Director of DPS Syrena

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