A full suite of Electrolux Professional equipment in KLCC Kitchen

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Culinary Institute

The largest commercial kitchen in Malaysia in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), fully furnished with Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment, witnesses the five stars of banqueting with Executive Chef, Richmond Lim.

The art of banqueting is exposed now in “The Stainless Steel Kitchen” a revolutionary banqueting guide book.

The KLCC boasts 3,157m² space equipped with Electrolux Professional appliances.

The center is very proud of its cook and chill facilities containing air-o-steam Touchline combi oven ranges which are productive, efficient and consistent.

After 12 years in the hotel industry and 16 years in banqueting, Chef Richmond was inspired to come up with the banqueting guidelines book, “The Stainless Steel Kitchen“.

The banqueting guide provides unique General Cooking Methodology Guildelines – Cook and Chill for Electrolux Touchline Combi oven. Cook and Chill involves thorough cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures of banquet food.

In response to such a fruitful cooperation between Chef Richmond and Electrolux Professional, Chef Richmond dedicated his final quotation of “The Stainless Steel Kitchen” to Electrolux: “Chef Richmond Lim trusts Electrolux Professional appliances in one of the largest five star banqueting convention centers in the world”.

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A full suite of Electrolux Professional equipment in KLCC Kitchen 2016-06-07T13:40:57+00:00 Electrolux Professional