Green&clean hood type dishwashers

experience savings
up to 1.040€ per year*

Green&Clean always with something extra.

* Cost savings are a result of calculations performed by the Electrolux Professional LAB which is certified by IMQ and INTERTEK. Comparison made between a green&clean hood type dishwasher and an equivalent conventional machine using 3 lt/cycle for rinsing, 100 cycles/day, 300 working days/year and inlet water at 10 °C.

Save energy, water and detergent

Low consumption of fresh water (2 lt./cycle);
highly efficient rinsing (-40% in running costs, less hot water used);
lower energy consumption and running costs (up to 40% less).

Get a perfect and complete sanitation

The high performance rinsing with a constant temperature over 84°C ensures total detergent removal and guarantees a best-in-class sanitation and safety.

green&clean hood type dishwasher

Get the best from the washing and rinsing operations

The wash water keeps free from food residue, thus improving the efficiency of the detergent for an optimal washing result. The constant high temperature and strong water pressure during the rinse phase guarantee a high rinsing quality.

Optimal visibility and easy operation

Ergonomic angular position of the control panel and the integrated LED display ensure easy access and maximum visibility both in corner and linear installations.

hood type dishwasher ergonomic

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