lagoon® Advanced Care

The fastest gentle washing for delicate fabrics in-house

Invest in Speedy Cleaning Performance for higher return of investment

Unique continuous workflow for a more efficient service – Dry to Dry in less than 1 hour!

lagoon advanced care workflow

 A Game Changer for your Business


  • Easy to operate
  • Complete washing in 55 mins to improve productivity


  • Eco-friendly water-based cleaning
  • Solvent-free and delicate on fabrics


  • Reduce outsourcing by washing delicate fabrics in-house
  • Rapid return on investment with speedy cleaning performance

“At DobiYo! We have no need to use solvent anymore. We choose lagoon® Advanced Care”

Thanks to lagoon® Advanced Care we can really do anything, now, with water. You just need to select the customized programme which is specifically designed for delicate garment care and then, you are just one button away from cleaning… in 55 minutes!

At DobiYo! with lagoon® Advanced Care we have no need to use solvents anymore. With lagoon® Advanced Care, we now only do wet cleaning instead of dry cleaning. It is safer for us to work with water and it is safe for the environment.

Mr. JC Poon, founder of DobiYo! The first lagoon Advance Care shop in Aisa

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Delicate on delicates

delicate textiles

Thanks to the combination of technology and gentle care, lagoon finally allows you to safely clean your most delicate clothes.

Silk, wools, cashmere, viscose, embroidery, sequins… coats, wedding dresses, baju kurung, tuxedos, cocktail dresses and more!

Tailor made solutions based on your needs

essential set for lagoon advanced care

Essential set

Enter the wet cleaning business with a professional solution that perfectly complements any existing dry-cleaning operation. Best-in-class performance with a small footprint: that’s lagoon® Advanced Care.

Processing capacity
70 small items /day, 6-8 small items/cycles

W555H + T5130 + ED pumps + ironing table
+ 1 set  detergents package.

Only 1.5 square metres required for lagoon® Advanced Care

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